Thursday, 9 July 2015

Put-Put golf mini holiday

The 'Kids' have been down for a mini-break during the hols and what a hoot it has been. All manner of silliness and lashings of food - all food groups included, but especially the Ma one - SUGAR.

We did a spot of jeans shopping where thanks to Lifestyle Fifties Jo Castro, Bell picked up a pair of black denim jeans at Millers. I mean really who knew right? Millers have all sorts of clothes, even skinny jeans for a young hip woman.

Then we were off to the playground at Southport parklands, which is Zig's favourite. Bell and I chattered away, while he made quick new friends and was lucky enough to come away with no broken bits. Yep boys were boys and so were many of the girls. There was plenty of rough and tumble and chasey and flinging on top of each other, so really it was a wonder that the there was only one busted thumb. We figured it was buggered cos the kids was crying and his thumb was blue and pointing south instead of north. We did a runner before the parking machine sent up a flare to the ticket bloke indicating that we were law breakers in need of expensive painful punishment.

We ate enormous steaks courtesy of the BBQ master. I'd made jacket spuds and some damn fine mushroom sauce cos that's everyones favourite, and we all pushed around a bit of lettuce and tomato just to pretend that we had balanced the plates.

Now there is not a lot of tellie watching at Bell's place, but there was no way the Stage of Oranges' was gonna be silenced. Bell had a long bath - Bliss, except for the screams of delight and rumblings of 'QUEENSLANDER' and 'GO MOROONS'. Zig was just falling about laughing watching 2 old foggies roaring and clapping and laughing. He joined in soon enough and was a sight to behold as he cheered on a team of blokes he didn't know nor care about.  You just have to love the footy.

Today we found KING TUT'S Put Put Golf and the laughter propelled us around the outdoor course of 18 laid back Zen and Budda holes and again through the indoor History lesson.

We don't mind making a noise. People stared. We just didn't give a shit. There was very loud yahooing when someone got a hole-in-one and occasionally when one of us - well ZIG really, belted the shit out of the ball and we all had to duck for cover. Bell played a combo of golf-hockey-snooker and managed to get 2 holes-in-one but sometimes her avante guard approach meant accuracy was less than perfect ( read wild and a little shithouse). Zig played well and then he didn't - he liked winning and didn't like it so much when he didn't - ho hum. Steve played very well, and was the overall winner. He gave out good advice and helped me with the angles and stuff and was especially gallant putting himself in harm's way when I could see bugger all and I was just taking wild swings. He's quite lucky to still have all his teeth.

It was great fun.

I do so love having these 2 visit. They fill the house with noise and laughter and mess. Dog is broken and Steve and I are now just kicking back planning some take-away for dinner and a bit of a feet-up.

When are the next school holidays?

Do you love 'em or hate 'em

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