Monday, 29 June 2015

Belle Gibson - what a despicable fraud.

There is nothing easy or simple or pretty or wholesome about Cancer treatments. Whether you go down the medical path or the holistic way, none of it is funsy wonsy. I have been there, and whilst I am happy to admit that I have never been the looker that Belle or what - ever - her - name - is, is, there was absolutely nothing I could have done cosmetically to look as she did while she was in the throes of shuffling off.

The first time around I did read a lot of stuff. I read of a bloke who reckoned he had prolonged his life and then beat cancer by using coffee enemas 2 or 3 times a day. Well even as desperate as I was, this didn't sound right to me, but I was happy for him to go his hardest, or sloppiest to be gross. This was back in the day before social media and I had to dive deep into the self help shelves to even find his tale. Nowadays it is so easy to fill people's minds with all sorts of very dubious crap, and desperate people will often grab onto anything. Gibson holding out a make believe hand to desperate sick people and their families was despicable.....I am at a loss for words really. This more than her stacking away cash under fraudulent circumstances is what I find unforgivable.

Unfortunately, I doubt she will ever be made to make amends for this. She seems to believe that she has done nothing amiss. She has an excuse and someone else to blame for every 'error of judgement'.

I reckon the only way to protect ourselves from her and to hopefully prevent her from starting up again is continue to get her face out there along with even the briefest accounts of what she's been up to. She has lied about having cancer, about dying, about the health success of vegies and about giving some of her ill-gotten gains to charities.

I don't care if she is nuts. Get some help girl - you can surely afford it!

I don't care if she is upset about being vilified. Suck it up girl and face up to what you have done.

There seems to be little point in just chatting about what Belle Gibson has done, cos she has already changed her name and DOB 4 times, it's is necessary to get her face out there so that people will know to be wary of that face!

Beware of that pretty face, and if she tells you it's a fine day, take an umbrella, and if she tells you it's night time, turn off the lights and grab your sunnies, and if she tells you she has cancer, a headache, or a broken fingernail, just know that she is telling big fat porkies so don't part with a penny or a moment's sympathy.

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