Monday, 6 July 2015

Grumpy Old Cow vs Bloody Minded Teens

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In 30 years of teaching I barely met a kid I really disliked. Yeh sure there were some I liked better than others but generally speaking not too many really gave me the screaming irrits. It was definitely the system that beat me not the kids.

So today when I watched a couple of boys ride up a jet ski, onto the beach at the park, I wasn't instantly slapped with the red mist of folk who just hate kids.

They parked up and took off across the park and ordered some fish and chips or maybe just some chips or maybe they went flash and had some prawns or calamari...really I didn't have my ASIO hat on and they were up wind so I am not sure what they chowed down on. They weren't hurting anyone and the day was glorious and the dogs were all behaving themselves so I was enjoying having a visit with a girlfriend.

We tried valiantly though unsuccessfully to keep the dogs out of the water and that was when I noticed one of the lads wedge his white wrapping under a little bush. I thought, 'Surely Not. Surely they have just popped it there so it doesn't blow around in the breeze. Surely later they are gonna stuff it into the bin.'

So I watched on and as they were both about the climb onto the ski I yelled out, 'Hey guys, what about your rubbish?'

They got all shitty and yelled back that it wasn't theirs. I know kids. There is no winning an argument especially one at a distance, with kids over whom you have no authority and with kids who have such a sense of entitlement. 'Little turds!' I thought. and watched them take off.

They didn't even have the good grace to take off up the canal at speed. Instead they dozed along stopping all the while to look back and stare me down. My friend went and clean up the mess while these buggers just watched on.

There are 2 big bins in the park which all but jump out and kick them in the bollocks as they go to and from the chippie.

I wonder why they think it's ok to leave their shit for others to clean up.

I am pleased that I have known a huge number of decent kids so that this little fracas hasn't dented my good opinion of kids in general, but I will wonder about kids with that sneery look about 'em when they clamber off expensive equipment, presumably paid for by mum and or dad. I will wonder if they have a sense of responsibility or a sense of entitlement and then will look to see if they have left a mess.

Maybe just asking these little toadies today will mean that next time they walk the 10 steps to the bin if for no other reason than they can avoid a run in with a grumpy old cow.

Do you remind strangers to take their crap with 'em?

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