Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Only Sluts Wear Red Shoes???

Newest 'Dorothy' shoes.
Red Birks- worn every day for months.
Walking shoes.
Second pair of these, the first pair literally fell to bits.
My days of the 'Come fuck me heels' are blessedly but a dim memory, though I do believe somewhere in the archive of shoes there is a pair of bright red patent leather high heeled sandals which have been worn only a couple of times and that was a long time ago, but not long enough ago for the painful memory to have completely evapourated.
Anyway I was struck today that certainly for the last dozen or so years, RED has been the colour of choice for me, and as it struck me, I remembered the old woman chanting that, 'Only sluts wear red shoes.'
I wear a lot of black in the summer and the winter so a pair of bright red shoes just adds a bit of colour. 
The red shoes that I am drawn to match just about everything I own, including handies and hats.
A while back I bought a pair of green / blue shoes that I thought might be good to take to London later in the year, but as luck would have it they left enormous blisters and luckier still the shop agreed to take 'em back. SO I swapped 'em for guessed it, a RED pair. They are very comfy and fun.
I wonder why the old woman would have ever considered a connection between red shoes and sluts. If I went into an explanation too deeply it would probably give griste to the nutso doctor profile  mill, so I'm not gonna bother.
I always thought a good definition for a slut was someone, male or female, who was having more sex than me, so now I am gonna go forth and start counting up all the red shoe wearing people I see and as I pass 'em, I will toff my imaginary hat and congratulate 'em. 'Good on ya,' I'll think, 'Go forth and bonk your brains out.'
There's plenty of time to slide into boring old people shoes, in the mean time live it up.
Do you wonder about the origins of old sayings?
Did your parents say stuff that still influences your choices as adults?  

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