Sunday, 14 June 2015

Dog's new favourite thing.

While I was away in Sydney, there were a few changes in the Big House, not mind blowing, bone shattering changes but enough to make Dog wonder.

As a spur of the moment purchase a rough cotton rope poof thing stuffed with bean bag balls was perhaps a little ill advised, but it looked about the right height and I liked the idea that it was a bit 'moldable'. Steve has a proper grown up foot poof which matches the couch but I didn't want one like that, so we only ordered ONE. Unfortunately for Steve I had taken a bit of a liking to his and so there was sometimes a bit of a tussle for it. You know the 'I had it first' type of arguments of your childhood. Anyway, we stumbled over this teal coloured thing and grabbed it and Steve was relieved to think that he could have his grown up bit back all to himself.

The trouble was that the beans had been stuffed into a thin plastic bag and so when there was weight put on the bag, it was like popping bubble wrap, except not quite as much fun cos bloody bean balls flew out through the loose weave of the outer fabric. It was making a bloody awful mess.

While I was away Steve took it back and then at a different time stumbled upon anothery and bloody lovely it is - hand made in India from recycled saris and it's stuffed with other old fabric the very nature of which I prefer not to contemplate. It is a thing of considerable prettiness.

It's a very comfy foot poof!

Dog has decided that as I called her onto it ONCE, it is now fair game, and she is now fond of climbing onto it and that means more often than not, my legs are shoved off the side. Dog really believes she is a tiny weeny lap dog and I reckon it comes as a bit of a shock when she finds she doesn't quite fit somewhere she wants to be.

So now, instead of rounding me up and forcing me onto the couch so she can climb up there too, she just bounds onto my poof and makes herself well and truly at home.

She is a much spoilt dog.


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