Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Everything is shrinking except me

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Steve has been on a bit of a health kick lately and has been starting his day with a fizzy liver de-tox drink. He is not sure that it makes any difference except that it makes his pee bright yellow and here's me thinking that that is something that one would want to avoid, but maybe it's an excellent sign. If it's a bad thing, please keep it to yourself.

He's been buying little cylinders of fizz tablets - Swisse he thinks, but the last little while has seen us coming up empty. We have tried everywhere to get 'em and the reasons for the lack of 'em have made us laugh and sometimes get a little cross and finally we were dumbfounded at the chemist at Australia Fair on the weekend, when we were told that it was the Chinese, that it was their fault, that they buy 'em all up as soon as they come onto the shelves. Seriously blaming a whole nationality on the lack of a vitamin, and she was straight faced too.

As he's felt better, he figured he wanted to continue as he had begun, but as the fizzers were unavailable he settled for some powder stuff, which tastes less than fab - fucking horrible he said, so  after the first try, he's left it alone.

Not only is that not good value cos he's gonna let it go hard in the tub before finally throwing it away, I discovered that the packaging is appallingly, ridiculously misleading. Why is it necessary to put a teaspoon of stuff into a cement mixer size tub and con buyers into thinking they have a big bunch of the stuff only to be disappointed, in this case twice, once by the tiny bit of goo and secondly by the shit taste. All very ho hum.

This is how very full the tub was when we opened it.

And it's a bit like going to the bakery today for a stick of bread. I have been going to this bakery for years and have bought literally hunderds of French sticks, so today when I went and bought one and it was the size of a long bread roll, well yeh I noticed! I asked the bloke - the owner, if they were making the sticks smaller, and of course he denied it. More Ho Hum. Making 'em smaller is stupid! If they want more money for 'em, put the price up, be honest about it. It just gives me the shits when people lie and try and treat their punters like fools. Either the bags are now 4 inches longer than they used to be or the bloody stick is smaller! He carried on about some bollocks that maybe they were rolled differently, seems honesty is beyond him.

Here's my French stick from Horners Bakery.

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