Friday, 12 June 2015

How many people in unnecessary jobs have you dealt with today?

How many ordinary people does it take to change a light bulb?

Well let's see...
1 to notice the bulb was buggered
1 to identify what bulb is required.
1 to research the replacement possibilities.
1 to fill in the order form to requisition the new bulb.
1 to notify the tradesperson that the part is available.
1 to make an appointment to do the work.
1 to do the work.
1 to let the owner know the work is done.
1 to write up the invoice.
1 to grab the cash.
1 to bank the money.
1 to reconcile the accounts.

I have no doubt forgotten someone, but that's cos changing a light bulb is not rocket science and I have done plenty of chair standing and switching myself, but please don't tell the government or the electrical unions or which ever smart arse decided that all this other bollocks is now necessary.

And of course then it's necessary to house all these folk in some flash office, cos naturally they couldn't be working in some standard office like maybe, oh I don't know....a teacher, whose room has paint peeling, asbestos dripping and no aircon. No no no, that would never do! So then there needs to be the cleaner and a window washer and someone to service the fucking coffee machine.

The light bulb might only cost a penny and a half, but by the time it's actually twinkling in the darkness, it has cost an sodding motza.

I suppose we should be pleased that all these 'inbetweeners' actually have a job and they are not scunging on the dole at the largesse of the tax payer, but the reality is that we are all paying for them anyway, and it gives me the screaming irrits.

My little madam had her 20000 km service today - she's only gone 14000 kms but that's a whole other story.

I am pleased that a mechanic had a little tickle and has said she is good to go until June next year. If it was just a mechanic and madam and me, I would be a very happy girl, but there are just so many inbetweeners and it gets right up my nose that they contribute NOTHING to the efficacy of madam's motor but I am paying for them all the same.

I have no clue what sort of hilarious hoax has been perpetrated in the designing of this new workforce, and seriously I use the term work, very loosely.  Someone wondered into a car shop and said that to service these cars you need to have all these inbetweeners...what? so the customers feel special? privileged? stupid? fucking irritated? And what I don't get is that the person or the people who owned the car shop and had been doing good business just plodding along, providing stuff their customers need, all of a sudden buy into this inbetweener bullshit. Wages and super and holiday pay and long service leave for all these people who make nothing and do nothing and know nothing, seems just fucking bad business to me.

I am sooo pleased that I do not have to face it again until next year and when my 5 years is up, I wont have to go back at all!

But by then it will probably be law to have someone special to change your bulbs and disinfect your dishwasher and pull the lint from your drier and change your loo role, so my irritation will just be transferred to these other unnecessary fools.

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