Friday, 26 June 2015

Spoilt First World Problems

It is now well known that I do not travel well, so we got sorted well in advance for our little visit to London later in the year. And then I just sat back and daydreamed of all my adventures in Blighty. Well perhaps you can only imagine my reaction yesterday when the travel agent rang to tell me that Malaysian Airlines has pulled out of Brisvegas altogether and that meant we had to reschedule the whole shooting match.

Oddly enough it was lucky she was talking to me, cos I went into instant meltdown and that makes me meek and polite. I told her it was 'rather disappointing' and as she was on speaker and Steve was listening, he fumed and swore and I apologised for his language. She emailed the changes which required flights to and from Sydney and appalling layovers in KL.

I had a little cry.

I looked at the reviews of KL airport and quickly discovered that maybe it wasn't where you would want to spend half a dozen hours especially if you were jetlagged and possibly already suffering the hangover of panic attacks. All first hand accounts of the place sounded less than fab. You certainly wouldn't be putting your hands up to do it twice.

We looked at flying in and out of Melbourne or Perth to get better connections but that wasn't possible.

So then we looked at cashing in the tickets and going with a different airline.

Did you know that it takes 6-8 weeks to get your money back from an airline?? I mean that might be OK if it was YOU who had buggered things up , but in this case they have had our cash for a couple of months and they cancelled our flights and now they want to hang on to our money for up to 2 more months. This I do not get.

Anyway, our Agent is working on it and we have new tickets sorted on Cathay Pacific. Because I have supplied 'nuttso' documentation the airlines has agreed to allocate our seats prior to actually getting their cash. I guess they might be working on good faith that the money is coming from Malaysian Air and perhaps this is their benevolent gesture of the week or month or year.

I think we are set to go again. Of course the tickets cannot be issued until there has been an exchange of wonga, but I am gonna pretend that all is sorted so I can go back to reading about obscure things to do in London.

Yes this is a spoilt little princess whinge. I do not have to go out and dig a hole to shit in and my water comes straight from the indoor taps. I can get my food delivered just by clicking away and splashing around my credit card numbers and the Big House could be home to a whole village of folk in the third world.

I know I am spoilt and that's just the way I like it.

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