Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Vets are wonderful people!!

I wonder how many of us would automatically recognise the crunching, grinding, slurping, chasing it around the floor sound of a lovely dog chewing up a dried up old pig's ear? Really it could very easily be confused with the noise an old bloke with no teeth or falsies makes as he gums his way through a packet of very fresh corn chips, especially if this is made just a little more difficult by chopping off his arms. It is not a pleasant sound, but today I was happy to hear it.

We get lots of bloody 'REMINDERS' every June. Cars need to be serviced, dentists need to be braved and Dog needs to be sorted.

Yesterday I started on the appointment making. I tried to book my car in online, but as I refused to give my email address because I am sooo completely over them sending me shit, it wouldn't take the booking, so then I had to ring 'em anyway which is exactly what I had been hoping to avoid. Yes I could book it in for not available til next week, and yes it was gonna cost $ I am pretty sure quoted $330, and then I got some git reading a bunch of shit off a page boring me stupid, but I was feeling benevolent so I didn't interrupt until she got to the bit where she asked me if I wanted her to tell me all the details of the service. 'No! ... Please don't. Surprise me on Friday!'

This morning Dog did not run well. Now this happens from time to time and so I didn't pay much attention until we sat for coffee in the village and I looked down at her and noticed one of her nails was hanging by a thread. As the owner of ridiculously hard nails that grow like topsy and which have been known to snap off at about the elbow, with all the blood and pain that you can imagine that might bring, I immediately felt a little queasy and I knew for sure that I was not gonna be able to handle it, so a Vet's appointment was made.

VETCALL at Ashmore is where we go. It's not where we have always gone, but that is a long whingy sick making other story. VETCALL at Ashmore is fantastic. The reception staff are fabulous doggie people and the Vets are all so kind and confident.

Dog weighed in at a kilo heavier than last year and no one roused on her - I was jealous at the lack of rousing and the only 1 kilo advance. The Vet checked her out and gave her a thumbs up for overall fitness and I was jealous again! While he chattered to me he sorted out the needle and stuck it in while Dog paid no attention at all and then she got more treats. Then he explained what was required to fix the broken nail and I listened and concentrated hard on not losing my lunch. I told him pathetically that I would not be able to hold Dog's paw while he did this little operation and I do believe he was relieved that I didn't want to go in.

What seemed like seconds later he delivered dog back to me as good as new. No bandage or blood and she was rewarded with a giant pig's ear which she set to chomping up while I paid the bill. Only $85!

It seems to me that it would be reasonable to swap the annual servicing charges for Dog and Car. I certainly know which bill I prefer to pay.

The Dentist is still waiting. Ho bloody hum.

Here is Dog's latest toy. They sure could do with making 'em a bit tougher I reckon, but she doesn't care how many bits it is in, she still loves it. We can learn a lot about love and life from our dogs 

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