Saturday, 20 June 2015

Women's sport's coverage is shitful

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It's another weekend where women all over Australia are sitting on their spreading arses doing fuck all except supporting their men folk. Well that is certainly the impression you'd get if you looked at the online sports news. Even when I asked for MORE STORIES, I found only 2 - yep that's right, only TWO stories about women in sport. So now I know that there is a handful of women playing soccer and there is national netball final tomorrow lunchtime.

I just don't know why coverage of women's sport is so sparse.

I wonder if there is any betting on women's sport? Well that was easily checked. Yep there is some betting possible for the netball final, but there is sure not too much other girlie action.

Maybe the people doing the scheduling for the tellie don't want to let us all have a look at girlies doing sweaty sweaty betty stuff. You know maybe they are trying to maintain that ladylike myth that would see us all swoon in our too tight corsettes, and have a little cry when we see cute kittens. Ah yes, we mere females should be thankful for this protection of our delicate sensibilities.

Me? well I am all set to watch the Queensland women fight it out for the big win tomorrow at noon on channel ONE. I am gonna shout and jump about and probably swear like a banshee. Bugger all that lady bullshit.

Come on Firebirds!!

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