Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Finally a Little Wet Relief

It certainly has been dry. The grass is crunchie and the mandatory water tank is full of only air. I have been watering the new trees and trying to be as conservative with the drops as I can because of the ridiculous cost of water.

The heat and the wind have meant that the pond and the pool need topping up and I reckon filling the pond with tap water has been the cause of the demise of a couple of ‘the girls’. I took a sample to be tested and the PH is off the charts and so now I have placed a whopping great bit of drift wood in there in the perhaps rather silly belief that things will right themselves. The girls seem to like swimming through it so all is not lost even if it becomes an expensive bit of playground equipment for them.

I am not too sentimental about the passing of a fish. I reckon if they are not tough enough to survive, then, oh well never mind. I usually scoop out the deaden with a slotted spoon and splodge it over the fence into the park, but I must have been preoccupied during the latest ‘ceremony’ and before I knew it I had gone the big hooook over the fence. As my arm was still in motion I realised that there could easily be someone there getting a face full of dead fish! I waited for a reaction.... I heard it land I think. No damage done. Wheww!

All day the news had been full of storm warnings. I waited, and waited. 2 o’clock it rained a bit and it was a bit windy, with a bit of lightning and thunder, but not enough to really send Dog over the nervy edge. And then at about 6 it started again. This was a little more fierce. I had to turn the tellie up so I could hear the news and I spent time giving the old sooky girl a cuddle on the floor. The noise and rain soon passed and it just seemed a disappointment to me that there was not more of the wet stuff.

The memory of the smell of impending summer storms is strong and pleasant. I hope this storm season is long and wet. The grass is crying out for it.

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