Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Girlie Lunch

There’s nothing quite like a girlie lunch in the village cafe.

A bottle of bubbles and roars of laughter, some serious bits of conversation, some good food, and the somewhat tedious company of an older couple either on their second date or a hiding away from the spouse assignation, made for a fine afternoon.

The couple in question really should have just, ‘got a room’. I think young people in the blush of romance who just cannot keep their hands off each other, whilst a little sick making, is forgivable. We all can remember when lust won out over propriety. But these 2 were older and should have known better. They were in public, mauling each other, in the middle of the day AND they were sober! They could have sat in the park and been at least a little more inconspicuous. Really it put me off my food, and we all know it is never wise to get between me and a meal.

A business woman from the village we all know, was working and unable to join us, though the waft of bubbles certainly tempted her.

She penned this little verse for us.

A ‘POME’ from My Desk

I LOVE the idea that you asked me

To sit and join in the fun with you three!

The sound of your laughter,

And the sparkle in your eyes,

Make me leave the table with masses of sighs!

One redhead, one blonde and one of brown,

If it was night-time you’d be really painting the town.


It was recited loudly in a very ‘strine’ accent and we laughed some more and waved when she emerged from her office for air.

We righted the world and remedied strained relationships, and laughed and enjoyed the silliness of Christmas drinks in October.

It is stomping its way towards us, that Christmas. Better drag out the tinsel and tree and dust off the Santa hats. It won’t be long now.

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