Saturday, 26 October 2013

Dish Pig by any other name still reeks of bleach.

Centacare Brisbane


Well the catholic do gooders from Centacare – a misnomer if ever there was one, have conned and lied to Belly and she has taken a job as a dish pig in a food prep factory.

They told her – remember I was sitting there, that the job was gonna be a forklift and delivery driver.

But here is the reality.

There is some no name food factory in Salisbury where Belly has fronted now for a week. She is yet to find a car park and she took 3 days to find the loo. She has found the front room where she was interviewed, 2 cold rooms and the kitchen where she spends her hours sloughing out buckets and bins with caustic bleach, with no safety equipment or supervision or explanation.

On day 3 or 4 she spied a hand operated lifter thing.

At the ‘all female concern’ she has spotted 2 women and the rest – 5 or 6 that she has seen but not met are all blokes.

She has worked until everything is clean, for minimum wage which she should see sometime next week.

She arrives early and does not eat or drink, yes she has a fag break!

She and I fronted the lying, self serving, pious, sanctimonious, looking down his nose at both of us, manager on Wednesday.

Tom or tony or some T name, stared at his computer for more than a minute while we sat and waited. Finally he turned and said to me, ‘You cannot talk’, no introduction, no how’s it going, no pleasantries at all, just, ‘You cannot talk’

He started in on Belly. She was crying. She had worked hard for 3 days without even basic equipment like gum boots and gloves, the skin was peeling off her hands and her feet were wrinkled and clammy from hours in bleach and water. And she would not have cared about any of this had she seen even the slightest glimpse of what she had been promised.

I stared at T person and played the game. I spoke to Belly and she spoke to him. He heard it all twice.

He berated Belly and told her how important it was that her child not grow up to be another generation on welfare.

I didn’t punch him!

I told Belly to mention Health and Safety and the agency’s responsibility to have completed some sort of recognisance to ratify the work place as safe.

I told her to say that she had been conned and lied to. That she was now stuck in this place because the dole office had been told she was now employed and that if she quit, she would not receive any benifits at all for at least 6 weeks.

She described the work environment and mentioned that in her previous roles as manager where she hired and fired and trained, she had never seen anything like it.

T person did not give a shit. He kept rolling out the religious right winged propaganda designed to make any woman - slutty enough to find themself raising a child on their own outside of marriage, feel like shit.

What a shitful place it is. Yes Belly left with a voucher for a pair of gum boots, but everyone knew that there were no small sized boots at the place she was being sent. That's because this place deals with MALE ex cons and deros. So she was sent off to get a pair of boots at taxpayers’ expense that were  always going to be too big and blister causing. Yes Belly was provided with some work pants ( initially a men’s size 97!! – she is a tiny size 10 ) Again at the taxpayers’ expense. The Centacare people are more than happy to spend public money on ineffectual gear and then pretend they are literally god’s gift.

T person said they would try to find Belly something else , but first they had to find someone to take her job....I suppose it is possible that they will be able to bullshit some other poor bastard but I dont’ know how long that will take!! Clearly they are not working for Belly, they are just providing slave stupids to the unnamed factory, whilst spending taxpayer funds to provide that which the factory aught  have to hand.

The factory has given her a 5 page contract to sign!! All about their rights!!

I am yet to see where they mention providing a safe work environment, but I haven’t finished yet.

No wonder people get jaded and manage to find ways to rort the system, god knows Centacare seem to have done just that!
If you are not an ex-con or a dero, avoid this place like the plague!



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