Friday, 1 November 2013

Halloween Hockus Pockus

I have never been too interested in the Tricks or the Treats, in fact while I lived in London where Halloween is a very big deal, I used to go out rather than pretend I wasn’t home cos being ignored just gave the tricksters the shits.
When I lived in Chiswick, where I guess the loot was more and better and worth the effort, kids were ‘bussed in’ from places where the pickings were less. This of course did not engender a renewed sense of community, instead there was jealousy and spite and the odd rotten egg. I do not have pleasant memories of families dressed in madness knocking and saying hello.

However, yesterday I was lucky enough to spend the Ghosts’ holiday with Belly and Zig. We decorated the garden with lights and skulls and other pseudo scary bits, dressed in silliness and arranged the ‘treaties’ in a big old pink cauldron. I was the doller-outer of the goodies and Belly the witch and Zig AKA Jason, went in search of other like minded folk.

The streets came alive with mums and dads and mas and pas and kids dressed up and enjoying the decorations in the darkness. Of course the sweeties were also a big hit. Kids arrived and were delighted when their voices activated the ghost lights and when they heard my voice from behind the star jasmine, they got a little tickle that was soon soothed by the offer of a treat.

The witch and Jason arrived home with a large contingent they had collected in their travels. Other families had joined with them and they had had quite the festive time walking and chatting and laughing and minding each other’s kids. These folk live just around the corner and were new to the neighbourhood. What a lovely way to meet the locals!

I am soo pleased that Belly wants to make this a family tradition. I am looking forward to next year when I might make a really silly costume and as the kids get older make more of a fright night game.



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