Monday, 14 October 2013

It's TIME!!!

I need to get my roots done! It always surprises me that one day you are happy enough with the coiffure such as it might be and then the next minute it is a desperate shambles that must be sorted immediate!

And thus it has always been for me. Steve seems to be able to carry on regardless for weeks after making the announcement. Maybe that’s just a boy thing.

I have always spent far too much time and money and healthy disregard for chemical poisoning getting my hair done. I reckon that money spent on a ‘DO’ is better than a new dress cos you can wear the hair everyday and let’s face it, the new gear gets a little tired after the first couple of  outings.

After trawling through the old photos yesterday, looking for the pic of Dad, I spent a lovely while reminiscing today. I realised that I have been excellent in terms of keeping the cogs of the economy clicking over. I have spent a shit load of cash at the hairdressers!  I have had every colour, shape length and curliness. I barely recognised some of that hair!!

All that change and phaffing and today I have the same colour hair as I had when I was a girl, straight from the sun and the surf, or the swimming pool. Of course the whiteness is only achieved today through the efforts of AnnBrit and shed loads of bleach and hours of patience on the part of all in the salon. Yeh I do get edgy after about the first 2 hours of sitting reading all that shit in the gossip mags.

Looking at all those colourful years flashing by in the albums I am tempted to go for a change except that any more abuse might just be a step too far. The whole bloody lot might just fall out and who could blame it.

White might just have to do or maybe not.

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