Monday, 28 October 2013

A Little bit of Peace and Quiet

The roar of the V8s does nothing for me, in fact after 2 days of the incessant background hum of ‘em and the associated buzz of the bloody helicopters – seriously a Vietnam vet would have been hiding under the bed! I had had more than enough so a little road trip was in order.

Not far down the motorway is a sleepy little place called Tumbulgum, strange name, sweet place. We took dog and sat with a takeaway coffee and cake right by the river and enjoyed, you guessed the SILENCE. Ah how lovely!

It is just a strip of bugger all right on the river and even tho it is completely dog unfriendly we have been a few times. It is very popular. The pub is packed out – yes kids are allowed but you can’t even tie dogs to the road posts. I am not sure how that is illegal, but there are signs up so we didn’t.

There is a little cafe / restaurant with a lot of outside seating and again kids but no dogs allowed. The takeaways are fine.

There are signs up showing where you can take the dog for a walk – not sure who authorised or paid for the signs. We sat well away from said signs and Dog had a lovely little romp on the grass, took a dump in the leaf litter, (which Steve scooped up) and licked her first cappuccino.

We all had a lovely silent time. Ahhhhh

Who won that bloody race...... who cares.... Ok I know Carol cares.

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