Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Homework, now it’s a Multi Generational Game.

I don’t believe in homework, certainly now for littlies. I reckon they are at school long enough and home time should be fun time.

Kids are often dropped at before school care at 7am, just in time for a breakfast that is nearly always better than the one they had at home, well they are left to their own devices and have some choice and they have some mates there too, even if there is no honey for the weetbix so they have to have toast.

They are at school sometimes until 5.30. I am not sure whether there is homework supervision at after school care, I hope not!

They are collected and so starts the afternoon / evening routine, of  homework, dinner and shower and organise swimming bag for tomorrow and find that bit of homework from yesterday or that library book, read a bit and if everyone is really lucky there might be time for a cuddle for mummy.

How does this sound like FUN.

There must be time for kids to play and wonder and just sit still doing nothing if that’s what they fancy. Their little lives are soo bloody crowded.

The inclusion of the homework task, regardless of whether it is a big job set at the start of the week due on Friday, or little bits due every morning just adds a cause for irritation and argument.

‘Have you done your homework’

‘Yes Mum’

‘Show me please’

‘I’m looking for my bathing cap’

‘Where’s the homework!!’

‘I can’t seem to get my laces untied, my shoe won’t come off, and Highlander is on the tellie soon I think and oh look at Kittie she is doing a big pooh and .....’

‘Where’s your bloody homework. Don’t lie to me! I know you haven’t done it. Sit down now and do it while I make the dinner.’

‘Ooops sorry Mum, the milk has gone all over my book.’

Kids and Mums need some time just to be a family, they don’t need all this bollocks EVERY night.

Those lucky bastard weekend fathers get off scott free I reckon, they get all the play time. Good time dads....ho bloody hum.

So anyway last night saw numerous text messages and 3 phone calls and some text messages after that. Zig needed help with some science project about something to do with heat. He needed to identify and then grade the heat generated by things at home....and because he is a little smartie pants he wanted to do the microwave. A conference call between Belly, Zig, Ma and thankfully Pa decided that the science behind the nuker was really just a step too far for Zig and possible Belly and definitely Ma, so after much tooing and froing we all settled on the BBQ and THE BLOODY SUN.

I was set the task of finding good pictures on the internet and printing them out cos there is no printer at their place – just as well cos Zig might have wanted to study the heat generated by a printer, and Belly was left to supervise the collection of data and the compilation of a report.

I am sure that there is no fun to be had by the teacher marking this either, so all up it is not a win win situation.

I would like to see playing Downhill Skiing on the Xbox set as homework. That would be FUN!

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