Tuesday, 1 October 2013

An exercise in Patience.


The Girls – AKA as my little fishies have become increasingly more difficult to see. The green sludge has definitely taken over and the smell has begun wafting into the house, so it is TIME.

The instructions were to empty the pond by 80% and then re-fill it using the chemicals I bought yesterday.
I don’t know why my logical brain deserted me this morning, but I went about the usual routine of setting up the hose to siphon out the water and thought I will just be patient. I kept popping out to see the progress and scoop out some of the sludge but progress was stupidly slow. It wasn’t until about 3 and a half hours in that it dawned on me that I could have been using 2 hoses and better still 3 hoses. Progress was hastened and after about 5 hours I was ready to fill it up again. The slim buster goes in last!

The poor fish have been a bit nuts and I am hoping that they will survive. Some of them may well be too skittish but if that’s the case they might as well close up shop now cos I rather doubt that this will be the last of the fishie upsets.

There seems to be as many bits of advice as there are holes in the Governments ‘Turn back the boats’ policy, so I am not at all sure of the efficacy of my plan. Fill it up, slop in the chemicals, continue to slop more in until there is a miracle of science and the pond turns from green to clear, and all the while crossing fingers that The Girls survive. I am gonna get some more plants and see if I can kill them too, cos I reckon reducing the sunshine into the water sounds like good advice, but I have not been privy to any science education since I was 15 and yes, that’s some time ago, so who knows.

At least the pong should be gone for a now and the filter thing might not need to be rung out 2 times a day, and I should be able to see The Girls swim by.

If I was a Christian woman I would send up a prayer cos I recall that there was some affinity there with fishes, but as an atheist all I can do is be patient and see how it goes.


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