Monday, 22 September 2014

Drugs passed their use by dates.

For as long as I can remember, as an adult, I have had a drugs' drawer or spot, and it's pretty big, not because I am some sort of over the counter addict but because I see no point in being sick if there is something that can make you feel better, as a mother and teacher I just didn't have the time to be unwell. So at any time I have a collection of regular and sometimes strange stuff for all sorts of ailments.

Well after my mammoth gardening effort last week, I managed to do some disastrous damage to my hip and back - sciatic nerve was mentioned by the Physio, but I don't want to think about that. I have done the odd bit of crying as I hobble around on fucked knee and now the opposite leg which I have been counting on for reasonable mobility has gone out in sympathy. Shit shit shit. The chewing up of pain meds was the only choice, but nothing seemed to make the slightest bit of difference. Ibuprofen, aspirin, allsorts of forte, nothing helped. I drew the line at the ENDONE that has sat untouched in the drawer since the titty slice. It reads as scary stuff 'controlled drug - possession without authority illegal' and I reckon Greggory House was addicted to oxycodone which is another name for this stuff, and as it is unlikely that anyone is ever gonna make a TV series about a middle aged fat woman addicted to pain killers, I saw little point in giving this shit a go. Why I do not throw the stuff out is a mystery. Just an aside, who calls a pill END  ONE? End one what I wonder?

By sheer  serendipity, the use-by date of one of the stripe of pills jumped out. Bugger me, JUNE 2012. The drug stash was tipped out and inspected. So much of this bloody stuff was passed it. The pills were yellow instead of bright virginal white and some of the packets were positively crispy. Shit no wonder that my bloody back was still sore and my pillow was streaked with tears.

So now I have a collection of stuff that is good for a few years yet and the new humble Panadol seem to be helping.

Off to the Physio again this morning and then perhaps a second culling of the drug drawer is in order. Endone and anything else that I can't identify must go, even if it's not passed the usedby.

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