Thursday, 25 September 2014

Howard's Storage - surprising little space for customer service.

A while back I finally fitted out my dream laundry. We were introduced to Howard's Storage and Helen came to the house and designed some stuff which we revised and then went in and ordered and collected stuff to make laundry day more pleasant.

While I was there I spied a little rubbish bin that goes on the back of one of your kitchen cupboard doors. I am a second generation hang a placcie bag up somewhere in the kitchen and take it out everyday gal. And so Steve and I have had said placcie bag hanging off a chair in the big house all these years. I liked the idea of this little compact unit hanging off the inside of a door.

I asked Helen if there was any trouble hanging it and she boasted that she had one and that someone - might have been her son? installed it easy as pie.

Steve, my Civil Engineer, took one look at it and said that the screws were too long and so back we went to get some smaller ones.

So this is the crossroads in the story telling.

Choose your own ending.

Ending A is Howard's Storage's Camila-of-the-no-surname-but-tag-said-Manager story.

" I have been told that my staff told you that they did indeed have some smaller screws and offered them to you, and he said, 'NO THANKS, I'LL USE THESE"

Ending B - Sue's story.

We went in and spoke to Helen and she said they didn't have any other screws so Steve shortened the supplied ones but unfortunately still managed to crack the 2-Pac finish on the doors.

Sue made comment on Howard's Storage Facie Page and instantly it was pulled down and Camila rang to see if she could sort things. Camila offered a full refund of the cost of the bin and also gave the name of the general manager in case we wanted to take the damage to the door further.

Final encounter.

Sue and Camila.

Camila said that she had never agreed to a refund without the return of the bin. When Sue pointed out that that would leave even further damage to the door evident, Camila said, 'Well that's just our policy. I explained this to you when I spoke to you on the phone.'

Sue said, 'You did not at anytime mention that I needed to return the item for a refund. Your staff's account of the exchange is incorrect.'

Camila refused to comment on the likelihood of her 'story' about Steve REFUSING to take the appropriate screws. She kept hedging with repetition of, 'That is what my staff said.'

The final wash-up

If you believe Howard's Storage story then you will agree that all their products need to come with a dickhead disclaimer, something like, if you are a complete moron, who refuses to take advice or are too stupid to read basic instructions or are so lacking in rudimentary comprehension skills, PLEASE SHOP ELSEWHERE.

If you think that Sue's Story might be closer to the mark, then be very very mindful of ever shopping at Howard's Storage. Some of their products are NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE, and their aftersales service is none existent and their customer service is a misnomer.

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