Monday, 8 September 2014

Time to get the other knee done

So here we go again!! In about a month I am gonna be off to become bionic in both legs. So I will be symmetrically scarred and hopefully after a while of rehab, pain free.

I went to see Angus again today, armed with a long list of questions and blown up photos of the mess of weeping shit blisters - photos courtesy of Carol from round One.. I had hoped to shock him into believing that I am indeed allergic to all things adhesive. He barely blinked but did put 'em down pretty lickerty split and when I offered for him to keep 'em, he folded 'em over and smiled as he handed 'em back.

Part of the reason I like Angus is because he happily answered all my questions and he was happy to go with the idea that all this was open to negotiation. Of course there are some things that are immutable like the chopping off of the leg bones and the shoving up of metal bits and naturally, Angus has some preferred methods and personnel. But some bits like additional injections, and stiches versus staples and time lines for driving and walking and stair climbing are all up for discussion.

A degree of arrogance and a good bit of tunnel vision are probably necessary armaments for specialist surgeons, so it is very satisfying to meet one who is happy to see me as more than a swollen sore buggered knee. That old song, the knee bone's connected to..... well I reckon most surgeons don't see too much of anything apart from the bit they have business with.

Certainly last year's cancer crap leaves this rather bitter taste. I very much doubt Kate the surgeon would recognise me in the street, but I am sure she could pick out her titty work in a line up, and Selena the radiation oncologist has in fact failed to recognise me in the street.

Angus looked me in the face and had a chuckle and did not fall over in shock when I swore and suggested that he might bring his kids for a visit when he pops in to see me over the weekend while I am lounging around eating up hospital food. How bad can it be if I don't have cook it?

I would like to do a Bewitched and wrinkle my nose and time leap to November, but as that is unlikely I am gonna suck it up and look forward to Christmas.

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