Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Tech V Pillow fights.

Ahhh the Summer.

Again we are the very lucky ducks cos the Grandie boy is here for so much of the hols and you could be forgiven for thinking that this long time might be at least a little fraught cos where do you find the common ground between Marvel - The Contest of Champions game on the whats-it and an old woman sitting around wondering if she smells like an old woman while reminiscing about 70's TV. But you know what, we manage to rub along quite nicely together.

This morning, after a night of fucking road works and a closed up house and the heat and consequent no or at least very little sleep we are all feeling a bit precious. Stevie is off to golf - I truly just do not know how he does it, cos nothing could entice me to chase some little white ball around in the heat, but hey ho, good for him and it probably accounts for why he's so much fitter than me. SO the Grandie boy and I are just on a go slow.

Now I know that 'SCREEN TIME' is a constant source of conflict in modern families, and I know this cos I read about it all the time on social media while I am tapping away on my wee girlie machine. But I don't find it all that tiresome. He's happy to play for a bit and then we have never had an almost teen melt down about turning the thing off. When enough is enough, off it goes and we go on with the next part of the adventure for the day, or else he gets a book or he plays with Dog or sits on the back deck and just goes where his mind takes him.

I sure don't feel like I am in competition with the 'Tablet'

This morning he was playing a game and I started pegging pillows at him. Just one then another until I was outta pillows and he had 'em all and was therefore in the box spot.It was no trouble for him ditch the gadget and start chucking 'em back. It was too hot and we were both too tired for an old fashioned full on pillow battle combat, but shit got thrown around and Dog dodged all the incoming and we laughed and laughed. 

Now I am often accused of having rose tinted glasses when it comes to my Darling Boy, cos I almost never have a cross word with him and perhaps that's the way he likes it. Parents are not that lucky. I am aware perhaps cos I am a parent and I do remember the, 'Can I Can I Can I' era very well. There are no trade offs for screen time here. He doesn't need to have made his bed or cleaned his room before he can rumble, cos all that is not important here, but at home I can see all sorts of sticking points. Chores V Screen. Homework V Screen. Shower V Screen. All manner of usual stuff V Screen. But here where the spoiling standard, there are no such trade offs, so 'Can I' is nealr yalways greeted with, 'Of course', and I guess there is the adventure of being somewhere new with other distractions which might lessen the, 'Can I's.

Anyway I don't feel like I am doing battle with the machine. I don't pretend to know how much is too much, any more than I know how much is too much time in the pool or playing with Dog.

How lucky am I that usual parenting limits do not apply to Grand parents? 

Yep it is certainly calmer and easier being Ma than Mummy.

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