Sunday, 22 January 2017

Police Encounter

She stood there, stoically in the pissing down rain huddled under her brolly.

She refused to move.

The police came.

The senior officer grabbed her roughly and shoved her onto the footpath.

She stood there, stoically in the pissing down rain, huddled under her brolly.

The Police disappeared and then returned.

Officer Bully Bill Barely a Beard angrily asked her what meds she was on and had she been diagnosed with mental illness.

Argie bargie ensued. Her smart mouth flowed.

Officer Older Gal, told her her behaviour was not normal because she wasn't being intimidated and going meekly where most folk go.

The officers were getting wound up. She was reluctant to dance to their tune. She just wanted to stand there and watch.

The rain had stopped.

Officer Bully Bill Barely a Beard AKA BBBaB, threatened to arrest her if she didn't move on.

She was standing on a public footpath.

Officer BBBaB issued a MOVE ON order and then with some difficulty in completing the maths equation of adding 6 hours to 9pm to come to a 3am end game, he set out the exclusion zone and pointed out it's perimetre.

The threats of arrest forced her to move.

Where was Mr Democracy in all this?

He had not been invited to the party.

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