Monday, 2 January 2017

2017 ?


I think we can all agree that resolutions are just bullshit, - banal choices made all too often after too many bubbles have popped and prior to the headache thumping.  As ever, the tellie is full of statistics for failure to stick to 'em. Oh sure these stats are made up over a bad cup of coffee after a big night at the company chrissie party where the boss was found necking the broom in the photocopy room. And anyway, even if everyone in the world had a 100% success rate, I still wouldn't bother cos, well mostly cos I am weak willed. But I can HOPE.

Hopes are the lazy person's resolutions. So I have a couple, and I am gonna mostly just sit back and see if they happen.

It's Stevie's YEAR this year. It's a biggie, and he reckons it's gonna be a fab one cos it has a 7 in it, even though no other year with a 7 in was memorable for him and he went through 'em all and he could remember anything spectacular. So the first on my wish list for 2017 is that this year with a 7 in is just bloody marvelous and he has a blast, and he gets to do exactly everything he wants to do and doesn't earn any more wrinkles worrying about me.

It would be so cool if we sell the big house and so have far fewer bathrooms to polish in '17. Think of the savings on cleaning products alone!

My darling grandie boy starts high school so my fingers are so firmly crossed that cramps have stiffened and numbness has taken their spots, that he has a smiling fun year, yeh also productive and all that educational stuff, but honestly I hope he just enjoys himself, cos fuck knows it's about time. And I am hoping that he spends just a month or 2 as tall as he is now, before he shoots up like a weed and takes over as the tallest in the family, although I rather doubt I can put enough weighty books on his head to achieve this.

For my Girl, I am hoping that she smiles more than she doesn't, and that she somehow manages to find those bright pink or purple steel cap boots she'd so love to wear to work. I am gonna start an ebay hunt as soon as I have finished here.

And for me, well I am hoping for better numbers.

Off shore Detention sorted - yep that'd be good.

Peace in the Middle East - yeh OK.

George Pell jailed - ho hum

Trump - oh who am I kidding

So hoping is all very well but unless it has to do with something you can actually direct, then you might as well just not bother, and so cut another bit of cake and shove it in your gob. Ah Lovely!

In the shortest term though what I am really hoping for is that the sunburn stupidly earned yesterday at the Recovery BBQ on The Mountain with Pinky Poinker and Scotto abates, cos it is bloody stingy, and I can hardly remember the last time I was burned cos I am usually so careful. Not a fucking good start to '17. Oh the BBQ was wonderfully cooked and prepared, what I mean is that I parked my brain somewhere else and I sure as shit hope it makes it's way back to me sometime soon, before I prune up altogether and forget my own name.

Cheers for '17

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