Monday, 16 January 2017

Sherlock Holmes AKA Nosy Cow

I know this is not a Sherlock hat, but it's the one I wore today while we went a sleuthing.

Years ago we knew a couple who thought they fancied a sea change, well actually it was a paddock, snake and bad roads change, so they bought a shed on a big bit of land and then proceeded to be as happy as 2 people could be, all that way from a pub or a restaurant or a shoe shop or a doctor or whatever, except for shitting neighbours ticked off with the city-slickers who came to Hobby. Yep they settled in. They put in a loft bedroom and a kitchenette in the shed, along with salvaged air-con units and windows and doors removed from our place before we knocked it flat.

He bragged that their little idyll was a mere 30 minutes from town, but that must have been by helicopter cos I reckon it was more like and hour and a quarter. 

We visited a couple of times.

It was not my cup of tea.

A big argument ensued not about my beverage of choice, and we have not surprisingly never been invited back.

It's not the place I would ever just want to whip on by, cos it's so far fucking out of the way, but today we took off to Canungra for a coffee and a little look see and we thought we might test the old grey matter by trying to find our way back to this place. Again it's unlikely that anyone has ever just stumbled upon it. It takes some finding.

My phone maps showed a rough picture of where it might be and we typed something into the SatNav, and then disregarded her instructions altogether.

We forged slightly damp causeways and drove along some dirt tracks cos we went the wrong way.

A bit of tooing and froing and we stumbled upon it.

Again my phone was useful cos the phone number on the front fence was in my directory.

We were in the right place.

We had remembered how to get there.

Now it's not like finding a house in the burbs, where you can go by the design or the colour or the fence or the cars parked in the drive. This is out in the truly-ruly sticks, where trees grow and die and dams fill up and dry out and slummy looking houses are planted in tiny plots right next door to someone else's vast open space.

The shed was barely visible from the road and we wondered if there had been a little added to the side of it. We didn't see any cows, but imagine they could easily have been idling away the afternoon on the other side of the hill.

I can admit that I have not missed trecking out to this place. There have been things I miss as a result of the barny, but this bit of bush is definitely not on the list.

We saw a sneaky black snake making it's way across the road and after that I was done in. I wasn't getting out of the car and I was worried about - perhaps it's an urban myth, the snake wrapping itself around the tyre and finding its way inside. I really must google whether that's possible before I egt back in the truck.

We did see a rabbit or a hare hopping on its merry way and a lovely looking working dog, out for a bit of a stroll in between sorting the cows or whatever, and this was pleasant, but not even close to joyful enough to entice me back.   

I enjoy this sort of re-visiting.

I like to go back to my childhood home and see what I remember and what has changed and I always pop in to my old Brisvegas addresses if I am anywhere nearby, just to see if I can still recognise 'em. It's cool to note the changes and compare the now to the then. 

I don't know why today was the day to go well and truly bush, cos we have often tripped out to Canungra or The Beau and have not bothered. It could be something as simple as it was hot out and the aircon was pumping and Dog was happy so why not.

Maybe Sherlock could dig up a reason, or maybe Freud?

Do you like to go a Sleuthing?

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