Sunday, 8 January 2017


Chrissie loot awaiting construction

For some years now I have been giving Stevie a little Nano Puzzle of something iconic, like the Opera House or London Bridge or a kangaroo, depending on what nationality is calling at the time. And it should be said that he doesn't always jump right into building the thing. Yeh the mood needs to grab him. And I can understand that cos the pieces are so tiny and all too often the infrastructure is also part of the puzzle - well no the guts of the kanga are not included, but there was a great deal of the Opera House innards that needs to be built, so it can't be done in a flash.

He likes 'em sitting on his desk.

When I was cleaning up for the fucking open house inspections, well I figured that they should go away cos they are just too easy to steal - yeh that's where my head goes when I think of a tribe of pervs coming a knocking, so I popped 'em into a drawer, but bugger it all, I broke 'em up a bit. Shit! And if it wasn't a bit of a pain putting 'em together one a time, I can only imagine this will be truly shitful cos now all the bits are mixed up.

Oops!The Bus survived but the Kanga is unrecognisable, and poor old Big Ben and the Opera House need more than a bit of Spackle repair. 

I imagine that these bits might stay smashed until we are settled elsewhere and maybe even then.

Zig's eyes became saucer like when he saw the Mini Cooper box Stevie got from Santa. I reckon almost certainly he figured a mistake had been made. I thought maybe Santa had thrown a spanner in the mix and that he thought maybe the 2 boys could work together or that as it required EXPERT brains maybe Zig would make it and it could sit on Stevie's desk. Who knows how it will work out. It's still in the box.

But what I do know is that I won't be jostling for construction pole position cos I just haven't got it in me. I am far too fucking impatient and am dreadful at following instructions. Shit I refuse to read how much bubble bath is enough, and as for food recipes, well I might follow 'em for a minute, but then boredom sets in and I just make it up.

I have watched Zig spend a whole day building a Lego thingie. He gets a real kick out of it, and so does Stevie once the things are finished.

But I can spend hours or days playing word games on the computer and before computers back in the days of newspaper deliveries and such, crosswords were fun, so I suppose puzzles are horses for courses.

And then of course there is the puzzle about 'why is it so?' 

But I reckon too much time spent on this will see fine collection of belly button fluff and fuck all else.

Do you enjoy a puzzle?

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