Saturday, 2 January 2016


I am not certain but I can't remember ever making a New Year's resolution. I mean what would be the point right?

I can see that there is a certain level of excitement generated by considering something new and clean - a whole brand new 365 or 366 days not tainted with failures or disappointments.  It's a bit like opening a new exercise book at school and there are no scribbles or indents. I always loved that smell and the newness, and I know I was guilty often of wasting the last pages of a book so I could get onto a new one, but let's face it the newness faded very quickly, the stink of your lemon spread sangas permeated the pages and  all too soon you are 3 pages in and the crispness and newness is forgotten until the next time.

Well New Year's Resolutions are like those books, all very excting for about a second and a half and then 'ordinary' sets in and they are forgotten, or worse, they niggle away in the darkness as a guilty memory.

So yeh, I would like to say that I am gonna commit to permanently siphoning off about 3 stone and always paying full attention to some sort of skin routine. I would like to commit to regular housework including keeping a check on that fucking awful ironing basket. I would be so very pleased to commit to giving the credit cards less of a bashing and to trying to do more exercise and have better posture.
I would like to be more understanding and patient and kind, slower to going off like a cracker.

But all that is just pie in sky bullshit hoping, and that is a waste of time. I know myself. I know this time next year, very little will have changed. I will be older and there will be new wrinkles, the dust will have continued to pile up and perhaps if I can be bothered there might be a new ironing basket, so there goes the idea of frugal use of the card.My arse will have carved out a more square spot on the couch and I dare say that I will still be a miserable cranky old cow, impatient with just about everything, except of course my lovely grandie boy.

So really the best I can manage is to decide from minute to minute.

People who can pull off life altering changes in their lives deserve a street parade led by a brass band.

No-one is gonna light up the sky with cracker celebrations because I have succeeded in any major life changers, cos actually I am pretty content with how things are. I live a charmed happy life.

Most of the things that give me the shits are out of my control, so no point in sweating that stuff.

Good luck to anyone who has put together a list of life changes. We know that it takes more than good luck. It takes determination and steely resolve. So go for it.

Me? I am gonna keep on keeping on.

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