Sunday, 18 October 2015

Martian and Suffragette all in one afternoon.

On first glance this may well be an odd combo for a movie marathon, but it worked especially in terms of contrast.

Martians was really bloody brilliant and there is no spoiler alert needed, given that it is an American film so the ending was never gonna be a secret, but the way it was put together courtesy of Mr Scott was exciting and breathtaking and suspenseful to the point of finding me hiding behind my hands and nearly falling off the chair.

The panoramic shots were spectacular and I will have a little google to see where it was filmed, stark and fierce and empty.

Matt Damon who seems like a very friendly pleasant bloke, does a great job in allowing suspension of disbelief and there is so much science going on that I did believe that it was all possible, but I am a science fool so could be convinced that I am a tall thin fella, if I was flooded by theory.

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I thoroughly enjoyed the Martian Landscapes.

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The crowd scenes are powerful if a little choreographed.

Suffragette on the other hand was a harrowing presentation of that which we all know to be true.

There are no complaints about the acting and the script and the location, but I didn't enjoy all the super closeups and the swaying sort of camera work. It could have helped develop the tension, except that for me at least, the tension is already there is spades.

I liked the micro look into particular women's lives and the story moves along well. I am just sorry that I didn't come out wanting to smack a politician or a copper. The treatment of these women as we know was diabolical and so I reckon making audiences angry would have been no bad thing. The reporting of stats at the end of the movie only helped to encourage the audience to feel lucky not cross.

So both movies take a close look at people in adversity and how they used their brains and tenacity to prevail. This is not a bad mantra for audiences to take away.

Oh shit it must be Sunday and I am on my pulpit. It's ok to go along just for a look see and to enjoy yourself. I'll pop back into my box.

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