Saturday, 31 October 2015

First Migraine of the Season.

It's been a migraine free zone for the last 7 weeks, and honestly, that leaves me well and truly out of practice.

My little routine is a well worn path at home, but here, today, I have had to machetti myself a new road and it has not been easy.

Spoilt little princess alert!!

At home I have a choice of  5 loos to hurl into, but my receptacle of choice is the kitchen sink with the scrunchie munchable, cos I can lean and aim rather than get down on all fours where I still run the risk of missing. Here there is but one loo and due to shared need of it, it's possible to get caught short....messy in the extreme, thankfully not today cos as I came careering down the stairs waving a plastic bag, Steve was coming out and I just waved frantically for him to get out of the way and blessed be, he did so in a timely fashion. The kitchen sink as has been noted before does not drain water, so I imagine it would completely shit itself if faced with an Aussie style migraine hurl.

At home I have an automatic ice maker and more importantly a ready supply of zip-lock baggies for ice bath head pillows and I also have a drawer full of carefully ironed tea towels just perfect for wrapping those icey bags in before applying to the hot head. Here I have a couple of ice trays which luckily held some ice today and Steve found a strange looking plastic bag, akin to doggie shit bags in the park and he shovelled the ice into one and I secured it with a handie hair tie. No tea towel so I might now be suffering ice burn to my forehead, but better that than the headache I reckon.

At home I have 3 baths, though honestly there is one that is my dedicated Migraine Bath. It is just the right length and has little arm rest things so I can fill it scalding hot and slide into it with my zip-bags of ice and I don't need to move. It is the perfect migraine bath. Here the bath is long and skinny, probably like it's owner, but as I am short and stout, we are not a good fit. The water is scalding hot, but the bath is fitted with an overflow, so you can't fill the fucking thing up anyway. As I am far too short to pop head on one end and feet on the other, I kept sliding about less than elegantly and as stillness is paramount in migraine management, I finally McGuivered a bath shortening technique, by using the owner's rubber duckie that has amused me all these weeks as a foot rest. The duckie's head proved exactly the right size to take up the slack so I could lie perfectly still.  

I am predictably fuzzy now but the worst seems to be over and thank fuck for that cos I reckon I am just too spoilt to spend 3 days managing a migraine in this little flat.

As a complete BING, we went off to see 'SPECTRE' on Wednesday and I reckon it is the best 007 Daniel Craig has made. It's a long one, too long it seemed for teenage bladders and attention spans, but perfect for us oldies.

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