Monday, 19 October 2015

Boooing at the Quarter Finals?

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Booo Boooooooo BOOOOOOO
Scolan Scolan Scolan
Australians are fucking cocks! Australians are fucking cocks! - could have been cunts but I prefer to think not, given that he was sitting next to an old Aussie woman wearing a yellow scarf and singing up a storm in the National anthem.

It was a big game there is no doubt about it, win or go home - for the players that is, the fans well they just go about their normal business making sure that there is some milk for the tea and plenty of loo paper, and for a great many of the Scotland fans at Twickenham yesterday, I suppose there might be a need for intravenous aspirin, a cold cloth over their eyes and a throat salve.

I am very pleased that the Aussie boys won, firstly because THE AUSSIE BOYS WON, and secondly and perhaps more significantly, it thoroughly pissed off the Scottish fella sitting, jumping, fist pumping, elbow thrusting very nearly into my face, and Aussie abusing, next to me. To say he was a pig of man would be offensive to pigs and men. It was very unpleasant. It has tainted my joy of the game and the thrill of going to Twickers.

I know that unruly crowds sometimes follow sports. I am guessing that the pissed as maggot folk who get out at the Story Bridge Hotel on Australia Day who bet on the cockie races, well I bet they get quite boisterous, and if they call each other fucking cunt, then it will normally be in that aussie banter good humoured way, which requires a retort about the first fella's mother and the size of his bits. If there is any rough stuff, it'll be swings and misses and falling downs on the follow throughs cos the beer has addled everything.

Yeh we Aussies love to cheer our sides on from the big games to the cockie races. We are mostly good humoured, though I am not foolish enough to say ALL, just mostly. We are the never say die lot who don't like to lose but who'll buy the others a beer after the game. Pretty much like every other nationality here in this World Cup but there is no way this fella was buying an Aussie a beer after the game yesterday.

The boooing that went around throughout the game also troubled me. Booing Stephen Moore, the Aussie captain also seemed very poor form to me. Booing at all is not my experience at the Rugby, and apart from the aggressive nasty delivery it reminded me of the churlish childhood chant of Boooey Booey chewy on your boot.

The Yellows were far outnumbered yesterday. They made no attempt to boo or hiss the Scottish players, perhaps out of fear of being smashed in the face or more likely cos we just don't usually do that.

The Poms sing, the Welsh sing and the Irish sing, it's bloody marvellous. Perhaps it's time the Scots joined them in some choral activities.

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