Thursday, 19 March 2015

Yum Cha yumminess.

A while back Bell and I went to Yum Cha for lunch. It is such a fun experience. I love the trolleys and the lookey lookey and then choosing. It suits me well also because everything comes separately and so nothing touches on the plate, but that's a whole other nuttiness yarn.

We enjoyed ourselves, so last night we thought maybe we should introduce Zig to the wonders of the trolley dinner.

Off we went and we sat in a big booth set with little plates and bowls and tea cups and chop sticks. Well Zig was very excited. He did what all 10 year old boys do when faced with long sticks, he stabbed everything in sight, until he decided that he might like to eat his dinner with 'em. I am bloody hopeless and so is Bell, we asked for a fork. The waiter sort of smiled, but you know, well not really a happy smile.

Little bamboo baskets of yummo arrived and Zid did his best with the sticks but eventually resorted to the fork. 3 generations of finger challenged souls. Oh well.

Steamed Pork Dumplings, mmmmm Carol had taught me about the little bit of soup in the bottom of these so we all tried to spear the top of the dumpling and suck out the soup, Some of us were more successful than others. Perhaps suffice to say that there was no way that the restaurant will be able to skimp on the washing of that table cloth.

Fried Dumplings. very yummy and very easy to eat.

Fried hairy prawn balls. well he's 10 so you can imagine just how funny Zig thought these were. He started off with a little titter, but when he saw his mum and me cracking up, he fell about laughing and  crying and the same time. These balls were too hot to handle! Patience was the order of the day.

There were lots of things on the menu, but as the trolleys had been parked up for the night, and we lacked imagination, we decided to go again with the same stuff. It was very tasty and so much fun.

Yum Cha at Carindale shopping centre, near the library, we recommend you!

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