Thursday, 5 March 2015


It was not a day to be too busy. Up at silly o'clock and whipped up a batch of Macadamia and Cherry biscuits. This was necessary as I had banged on about being unable to do any baking cos of the stinky filthy state of the oven which has since of course been rectified, so bickies is was.
Yummo and one happy Stevie.

Out to the park with dog and there was chaos at the village. Scuttle and gossip had it that someone had died of an overdose in the village loos. There were plenty of police and detectives and cars and police tape. Sad and exciting all at the same time. Seems that best gossip was that it happened last night and the investigation was perfunctory today, the rest of the skuttle seemed hyberbolic so I wont spread it further.

We had sloped off to the pictures to see 'The Second Best Marigold Hotel' last night, - yeh not too impressed, but on the way home we saw lots of police cars in and about the village so it's possible that they were starting to get things sorted.

Just as an aside, we thought we might have gone for Yum Cha in China Town before the movie, but I wouldn't race out there unless you are keen for a happy ending massage. There was bugger all open and certainly nothing that could tempt us in. Very disappointing!

Coffee and a chat with the officers standing guard at the loos and then home to grab the mower for a park path pass AGAIN. Ho bloody hum.

Pool, washing, tender attention to my baby herbs, and then collapsed onto the couch for a movie veg.

Back to the pool and on with the aircon, and just some snags and salad for dinner.

Done sod all but am pooped. Shit I hate the heat! Roll on winter...please.

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