Monday, 16 March 2015


Do you ever wonder what is REAL?
There are so many illusions. Purposeful like this stairway to no where built of paint, and then there are the lies and misleadings of turds and ad executives and media barons.
Ain't it lucky that we have a brain, a bit of logical rational thought, to determine and distinguish it all.
And what is truly wonderful, is that we also have the power to suspend disbelief and become completely immersed in the make believe of movies or novels or plays or indeed these paintings.
How fabulous to have such control over the workings of the mind.
Of course we can't all exercise this control. Some don't enjoy or allow that sink into fantasy which theatre and movies demand for best effect. Some are too naïve or simple to have a finely tuned bullshit detector.
So I know that these chalk footpath drawings appear from time to time but I thought I'd pick a few of my favourites at least from what was on offer today. Who knows where these talented artists will take us tomorrow.
Don't fall in little man.

Oh Look, Santa's got your letter.
I would completely lose it!

Now that's quite a thirst.

Just bloody beautiful.

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