Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Members of Parliament - Ho bloody HUM

Yeh, I guess idiots vote for idiots and people who want to go surfing vote for people who want to go surfing and people who want to work vote for well, actually they are probably out of luck.
Writing routinely to a Local MP has always seemed to be something of a wasted effort, but I have been so concerned about the new Government’s gagging orders about the arrival of people seeking refuge, that write I did.
Nothing moves quite as slowly as the cogs of bureaucracy. I got a call from his ‘girlie’ and an email too and finally one from the man himself – yeah I know probably still from the ‘girlie’ but the MP put his name to it. It was full of placatory crap and not much substance. That is obviously why people just don’t bother.
However before I received this nonsense, I sent off a letter to Bell’s MP and the Minister for Employment and a whole lot of other stuff. I wanted something REAL from them. I wanted some action on Bell’s behalf. I wanted them to fire a rocket up the arses of the people being paid tax dollars to help her find a real job. So far – NOTHING!
I don’t know what these people do all day, but representing their constituents doesn’t seem to be it.
Yesterday I spent a girlie few hours over lunch for the horse race day. There was a fully able woman there who has been on an invalid pension for as long as I have known her. She gives welfare recipients such a shit name. Maybe the MPs are just as jaded and disenchanted with Joe Public as I am so don’t bother trying to help out. But how they sleep at night as they grab big bucks with both hands I don’t know.
If anyone knows of a decent job for a bright hard worker please let me know.

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