Thursday, 21 November 2013

Your thigh bone’s connected to your hip bone.

Now that I have seen the physio 4 times and my back pain is finally coming good, I have been given a set of exercises that are designed to re-train 50 years of ‘duck walk’ out of my spine.

There is no doubt that doing the exercises have helped reduce the pain this week, but what I was not aware of is that I have been walking like a duck since I was old enough to say gymnastics and that as a result of all this waddling and perhaps because I have always been stupidly flexible, the poor old bones have endured half a century of torture.

I was pleased to hear that there is no degenerative problem evident in the xrays, just some normal wear and tear. Ho Hum, but the best news I think that Nadia flew in under the radar was that there is no evidence of bone growths or cancer... Yippee!!

So now I have a longer set of exercises that I will no doubt have a go at for the next little while, at least until Monday, after which I expect that I will be given a clean bill of health and I can quietly slide back into my slothful slopping around, until the next time it happens.

I would like to think that I might change the habits of a lifetime but I can honestly not see it happening. I would like to think that I might get all motivated to spend 30 minutes a day trying to encourage my back to be less duck-like, but really after 30 minutes every morning trying to get the fluid shit out of my tit, I reckon that is enough time spent trying to encourage my body to do other than what seems to be coming naturally. I know I am not in the least bit  busy, but I would just prefer to be very busy doing bugger all and take on the posture of an ostrich with my head in the sand.

Maybe the head in the stand pose in itself will help with the duck’s bum stance.


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