Monday, 11 November 2013

Girlie Days Rule.


It’s something that every woman should make time for: a girlie date.

So today Nik and I went off to the Gold lounge for an early viewing of ‘The Butler’.

At Australia Fair Cinema the Gold tickets are cheaper than the ordinary seats at Robina so why would you go anywhere else. We ordered coffees which were duly delivered to our seats at the appointed time, as we reclined in the supersized loungers. How very civilised!

Contrary to the reviews, we thoroughly enjoyed it. I am always interested in that period of American history when civil rights were legislated and people died standing up for their beliefs. It was well acted and the mingling of original footage with new film appealed to me. I am not sure what the reviews found to whinge about, I don’t routinely read them cos I prefer to make up my own mind, but maybe the author was in a standard cinema in a squashy chair and the length of the movie meant cramping of the legs and bum. Who knows and who cares.

There was enough time to order some salt and pepper calamari before it was time for our manicure- girlie for sure but so much fun. Lots of gossip and laughs and our nails look pretty good too.

I know there are plenty of more ‘civic’ things we could have done today, I could have even spent a very useful day catching up on all the ironing, but instead I feel like the inner girl has been nourished and let’s face the bloody ironing will still be there tomorrow.

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