Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Finding a Balance


I reckon ‘the girls’ and I might have finally found a balance. A combo of eco and chemical approaches seems to have produced a balance between stinking algae that the fish don’t mind but I detest and the perfectly clear water that I like but they are not all that fond of.

There are more plants, some of them have taken off like topsy, and debris from the park decomposing on the pond floor. The big old lump of drift wood is a good toy and might also be helping the natural PH levels. I add a good dose of chemicals every week to save the waterfall pump from burning out and also so I don’t fall head first into the bloody pool as I pass out from the sludgy smell.

It seems that there is meant to be a precarious balance between the number of fish and the amount they poo and the number of oxygen producing and shit eating plants. If the balance was right I wouldn’t have to add any other stuff but I am tempted to think that I would need so many plants that I wouldn’t be able to see the fish.

So it’s not just an environmental equilibrium that is needed. I see little point in growing the girls if I can’t see ‘em. Yeah I know, that’s a selfish attitude, but then I don’t reckon selfish is always a dirty word.

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