Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Healthy Obssession

Yeh ...No ... this is not a naughty pint of something delicious which leaves you feeling a bit floaty and smiley and perhaps a tad horny, this is a pint of the cold stuff straight out of the tape, H2O and I do try to fit in a good few of these suckers every day, cos they are healthy and good for you and keeps everything moving along, nothing to see here, keep moving along.

If I am truly thirsty, I can down a couple of mouthfuls straight from the tap, but let's face it, it doesn't taste too exciting and sometimes it just tastes really fucking awful, but somehow filling the glass with ice it all seems so much more grown up and special and yummy.

So here's cheers! 8 glasses a day!

As for anything else healthy, well I am quite the failure.

5 A DAY.
Nope. It's not cos I don't fancy fruit and veg, it's just that mostly by the time dinner comes I can't be bothered counting to 5, and as for making sure that all the colours of the rainbow hit the trolley, well actually that's Stevie's job and I cook whatever he brings home, except for the stuff that goes rotten and rancid in the fridge. We actually had a potato and an onion EXPLODE in the cupboard this week and I can tell you that shit really does stink! and the mess! and the veg box is still outside cos somehow I reckon it is still diseased and quite possibly I will never give it house space again. Oh Well. I do like that ad about the colours of stuff, but not enough to follow along. Tonight's dinner is beef and mushroom in red wine pie. I might get around to adding some frozen peas, but still the only way I am gonna make it to 5 a Day is if I mix up the colours of the Zupa Dupas I am chomping up. I wonder if the purple ones count as 2 - red and blue?

30 minutes of exercise 3 times a week.
I don't like to sweat. I need to have progressed through bright red in the face before sweating starts, so by the time I am all a glow, well I am just too fucking hot to move, and anyway it's been more than 30 degrees for what seems about 3 lifetimes and who can think about moving faster or further than waddling to the loo quickly and often - that's the upside of the drinking I guess. I suppose at a stretch I could pretend that floating around in the pool counts, but as I am so buoyant, absolutely no movement at all is required to stay afloat. Ah bliss.
We have been walking a little in the evening. It's a necessary part of data collection and photography and getting arrested after all, so I suppose I owe Georgiou Group a great big thank you for getting my arse up and outta the chair. What will I do come October, or Never Never when they are finished?
Well if you have been following along you will know that I haven't slept more than 2 to 4 hours a night for the last month, except for the weekends when the bastard workers bugger off. So sadly this is just another fucking healthy fail, and the upshot of the far too little sleep is bags - not packed for a little holiday, the under eye ones which are less than attractive, and then there is the nausea from the tiredness and the clumsies and the shortness of temper. Yep it's hard to believe that I am becoming a bit ratty, a teeny weeny bit cranky, but weeks of 2 or 3 hours a night horizontal will do that to you. I reckon Georgiou Group owes me more than 100 hours sleep and after yesterday's meeting with Main Roads' workers, I can't see the wheels of Government ever working to help out, so by the Never Never the tally will be appalling.

There is no way that the benefits of  the midnight wanderings counter the lack of shut eye.

Ho hum.

Yeh I am not up to Oh WELL.

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