Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Will and Grace Vs Trump

My friend PINKY POINKER @ponkypoinker popped in today to teach me how to upload a You Tube video onto this little blog, cos I have been lamenting my useless techno status and she's a very clever little miss. And wasn't that just a very timely education cos almost immediately I was fed this wonderful clip of one of my all time favourite shows, 'Will and Grace', which was giving some advice about who to vote for in the American election. It only goes about 10 minutes and if you loved the show it will bring a smile to your face to see these familiar faces and the bitch in me was pleased to see that Jack might have stacked on a couple of kilos.

How fabulous that these actors just slotted back into their roles and the banter was as well written as in the original show. It seemed like they had never been away.

Anyway, I wanted to try putting something up here and this is a fab start. Enjoy.

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