Monday, 12 September 2016

SWELL is on again

Bloody perfect day for a little drive and a look see at this year's wonderful sculptures.

The sleepy old Currumbin Beach is alive and pumping with folks of all kind and it's lively without being cosmopolitan crowded, and there is a sculpture for just about every taste.

Parking is a bit of a lucky dip, but if you are just a tiny bit patient something usually opens up.

Of course Dog was going loopy in the car as soon as she could smell the beach so that had to be our first pit stop. When she had played the sand game and drunk enough water to see her wonderfully vomity, we headed in search of our favourites. Starting in the middle - cos that's where we parked, we wandered north along the beach with Dog doing a bit of a drag cos she was rooted.

Even without the arty attractions this is a beautiful beach to explore. At the northern end where the ANTS had made their home on the rocks you can take time out to watch some dare-devil surfers who were out today sans wet suits cos the water was lovely. The ANTS were pretty speccie and the other pieces along there were worth a look, I imagine that a couple would be quite serene at night under the lights.

Then it was time for this old bird to have a little sit down and a soft-serve cone. YUMMO!

The walk south was mostly along the footpath cos there are lots of pieces between the footpath and the beach dunes. Here are some of my favourites.

Chain links individually soldered to make these oversized masks. Photo is shit compared to the originals. Sorry.

Kangaroo made from odd bits of furniture. I had a pleasant time searching out old bits of chairs and tables that I could have owned. This was a bit of angry fella.

Little bits of timber individually cut and placed - such an effort in patience and exactitude that it made me feel slothful. Marvellous to rub along - in a G sense you understand.

Bread crates cable tied together to make a pyramid which seems to move before your eyes. Again photos is shit. Perhaps I am including them here so you get on your bikes to go have a look in person.

Neither of us have voted for our favourite yet cos we want to go back again at night for a look at the work under their lights. 

We chattered for a while with the maker of the Kangaroo - cos I thought that was my favourite, but then the masks came into view, and the beach chairs. 

Perhaps there were too many good 'uns to have a favourite?

Pop on down if you get a chance. It finishes 18th Sept.  

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