Friday, 16 September 2016

Broncos V Cowboys


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The pointy end of the Rugby League season is upon us.

Now I know some folk who watch every game every weekend, but I am not THAT keen. I reckon I have seen every Broncos game though cos I am a fan, have been since the very start.

Going to the footy was a right of passage for Wynnum Manly kids. We'd sit on the little hill and watch and cheer and snog whoever. It was a great way to spend the short winter weekend afternoons.

The year I was pregnant I had my Wynnum Manly Seagulls maternity dress (a loudly stripped red and green number which if I am honest was less than glamorous ) and I wore it for many of their games. It was bloody exciting when they won the local premiership! and then many of the players followed the iconic Wally Lewis to become a core part of the newly formed Brisbane Broncos in the National competition. For the first time there was gonna be a Queensland team in the big league. Yippee!

So I have been a Bronckey-Monokey fan since the very beginning.

When my girl was younger. she was a fan too. We'd hear about Sunday afternoon games when kids could go for nothing and we'd collect up a couple of her mates and off we'd go, picnic in hand, waving colours and cheering like mad. And because bonus money for teaching Prac Teachers, would mostly come in in time for the September holidays, we'd find ourselves driving down from Brisvegas to somewhere here on the Goldie, enjoying the beach and the Finals. Yep we might have been the only 2 females who locked themselves into a Goldie apartment to scream at the tellie as the final played out.

She's less of a fan these days and I guess it's possible she only cheered with me cos madness loves company.

But even though she is not a big fan, I have trained my Pom to be a very big Bronco's fan.

It's a shame that last year's grand final is being replayed tonight and that one of these teams is gonna miss out on a chance to grab that ring.

SO we have our footy dinner planned and our arses will be firmly planted for the game. And yes we will both be yelling for the Broncos, but I admit that if they fall at this hurdle, that'll be ok cos I quite like the Cowboys too.

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