Sunday, 15 December 2013

Top news stories.


China lands probe on moon

ninemsn staff with AFP

9:23am December 15, 2013


Well bugger me!! The Chinese have made a soft landing on the moon, the first in nearly 4 decades and that gives ‘em a ticket to the rather strange cocktail party with the States and Russia. What a funny old party that would be.

But if you just rely on the ‘Top Ten Stories’ part of the online news, well I’m sorry to say that you might have missed it.

Swans swimming, snow in Cairo and some bloke falling down the escalators, these made the top 10, and so did a bit of cow madness, coppers hitting someone and polar bears eating.

I guess the Chinese have every right to be pissed that their news is not the favourite of the day.

I am left wondering though, who in the cyber newsland decides what stories are the favourites, and how is it possible for a story that doesn’t get much coverage to ever become popular.

Good on the Chinese I reckon. I hope that everyone in China is pleased with the government spending all that money in an attempt to become the man in the moon.

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