Sunday, 22 December 2013

Back in Brisvegas


It always amazes me just how much you might need a holiday by the time you get sorted to actually BE on holiday.

This week has been more than a little bit of madness, what with entertaining the little bloke, and getting the house spick and span for our swappers and of course doing all that last minute xmas prep. I could feel myself getting well and truly wound up, and by Friday when we were meant to be on our way, I had not packed a thing and there were still 2 bathrooms to be scrubbed and 3 beds to be made and oh well the washing just never got a look in.

But on our way we were by about 1pm. I had no idea what I had packed and have to admit that if it meant I was unfit to walk out in polite company in my home town, I really didn’t give a shit.

We fancied a beer and a steak so headed to the ferry to try the Regatta pub steaks, but the place was frenetic and I wasn’t up for it, so on advice we walked to the ‘close by’ Park Road. (I am a local girl or at least WAS, so I should have known better, but by this stage the migraine fuzz had set in and I concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other for the trek, and just got there in one piece but when we were seated next to a bunch of very rowdy men I got all tearful, asked to be moved and then had the added humiliation of having to ask for a bigger chair....TWICE! I know my arse is bigger than it aught to be, but really those carver chairs are designed for the 'man of the house' whose arse has spread through inactivity and too much wine. The chair sides touched my sides and that made me cry....what can I say, the migraine makes me nuts!

The steaks were good but I really wasn’t paying any attention and so we cabbed it home where I hit the bed, until it was time for my steak to hit the loo... oh it wasn’t pretty. Sleep was not easy to come by and yesterday passed in a bit of a blurr.

 Yippee to being on holidays today, I am BACK.

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