Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Ma, Pa, Ziggy and Dog



Zig is getting a bit interested in this silly blog and so this title is HIS.

It amazes me how time just simply slips away when you’re in the pool playing around. For nearly 2 hours yesterday the 3 of us teased Dog mercilessly throwing the ball and then hiding the ball and playing ‘piggy in the middle’ and hiding the ball. She was just completely buggered by the end of it and then later spent the night utterly flat out on the rug, too tired even to climb onto the couch with me.

Steve reckons Dog might never talk to him again after a summer with the little fella. There is no doubt at all that where Zig is, Dog is. They are excellent company for each other.

So that is the Dog pecking order. First there’s Zig, then me and then Steve. Beggars belief really when it is Steve that feeds her every night.

We are off home to Brisvegas this afternoon so that Zig can see Santa tomorrow before he heads off to Melbourne with his father. Really his little life is very full, so floating around in the pool for a few days is no hardship whatsoever.

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