Friday, 27 December 2013

Life in the big city

Brisbane city

I am clearly a city girl...I do so love being here, up high in the sky, watching the world go by. I can hear the bin men and the ambos rushing by and am enjoying watching a big old yacht manoeuvre itself into position perhaps for the cracker night on New Years. There is a constant drone of traffic across the Story Bridge and I find comfort in the movement and noise.

Of course it would mean that Dog would have to go, and that would be a very big shame. I would certainly miss her doggy smell and cuddles on the couch and her lopsided little face as she stares intently trying so so hard to understand English. And Zig might be a less willing visitor, cos I reckon the view would run out of steam for a growing boy after about 2 minutes and then what would I do with him for the rest of the time.

Steve's golf paraphernalia would be difficult to house and I am not sure where he would practice his swing and I certainly can see being more than a little pissed off with him scrubbing the clubs in the kitchen.

It's too flash to spill paint all over the floors and walls so painting might be a no no, and I would miss Avril's coffee and the leisurely walk across the park to get it.

The Big House has fully ducted aircon which we almost never use cos I don't like the dry air - plays havoc with my careful coiffure and fastidious makeup, he he he. I much prefer to open all the windows and move anything the might blow over. I enjoy the smells that waft in and have planted stinky things so they will do just that.

The aircon in the apartment is excellent, especially after you have walked from town in the 33 degree heat. It is like walking back into a fridge. It's very pleasant indeed, but all too soon I am opening windows and doors and getting a breeze through.

It's bit like the Princess and the Pea, never completely happy. What a pain in the arse she was!!

So never mind a few hundred mattresses, this is what I reckon would be close to perfect:
  • A big house in the middle of the city on a hill so I can watch my minions wander.
  • A park next door for Dog.
  • A Golf Club across the way for Steve
  • A outdoor pool just for me and Zig and Steve and Dog
  • A coffee shop close by with a loyalty programme so every 8th cuppa is free.
  • An art gallery and a theatre with an easy walk.
  • Restaurants that deliver
  • Restaurants to get dressed up for but that don't insist on it.
  • The smell of Star Jasmine and Mock Orange blossoms.
It's not a really big big big list is it?

Alright, I know it is, I am not delusional, but perhaps our little look at houses in New Farm will prove fruitful, who knows what 2014 is gonna bring.

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