Saturday, 3 December 2016


No I am not about to regale you with stories of a gynecological nature, even though after more than 33 years that tale  is still etched , no I mean ground, well actually carved onto the whole of my brain so that if dementia ever hits some portion of the the grey matter, that fucking memory will pop up somewhere else. That is NOT my definition of LUCKY.

No I have been thinking about 'stuff' delivery, maybe cos it's December and I sometimes have been known to post a couple of cards, mostly to the side of the world I am not.

I think internet shopping has sort of become THE thing in possibly only the last dozen years or so. When I first landed in London in 2001 and I wanted to send 'stuff' back for chrissie, I remember I trotted off to Harrods and the Portobello Markets and gathered up weird shit and wrapped it up and stood in stupid line at the post office and adhered to the posting deadlines and parted with just a little bit of cash to send the things airmail all the way home. Some of these things might well have made a custom's officer wonder or even giggle, but they all made it intact and in time for very little money.

But since then delivery charges have become quite the THING.

My online adventure with Myer the other day after the shit storm at the actual shop, has made me laugh out loud all week. Because I had spent over $100, my order was to be delivered free of charge, and that was very nice too.

I was surprised when the postie rang and I had to sign the digital thingie, not cos he was so very polite, which he was, but because the parcel was much smaller than I had expected. The next day the postie rang again and it was groundhog day. And the next day the groundhog was playing again.

Yep 3 different deliveries. Still all free of charge.

That cannot be economical.

Especially with huge leap in Oz post charges.

I don't know why Myer divided my order into 3 identical parcels, but I did enjoy getting mail 3 days in a row. Lovely!

And yesterday I took delivery of some very silly tree decos that I ordered from John Lewis in the UK. I ordered them and a couple of silly bits for the Master's stocking, but they were missing. Shit! Seems that dividing the parcel is not something peculiar to Oz. I eagerly await the rest of the bits and bobs sometime next week. 2 deliveries for the price of one.

And today I order some more shit but from the US. And it could have been delivered for free, if I didn't care about getting my togs sometime in the never never perhaps winter time, or I could pay $14 and have 'em in time to shock everyone in the pool at Christmas. Yep I parted with the $14.

There's some website that delivers custom made postcards to anywhere in the world and so because Oz Post have priced themselves out of my chrissie, I reckon I am gonna give that a go.

Are you happy to pay for delivery?

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