Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Hello Summer

AS the luckiest Ma in the Southern Hemisphere at least, the summer has started. Yippee.

Cos The Grandie's Mum is hard at toil, it means that we are the proud recipients of this lovely young fella for a few days each week of the summer.

And so today he was the 'man of the house' cos I needed help dragging home a bit of something for Stevie. It's a great big heavy box. We all hope he likes it.

And then he hit the pool, and when I say HIT, I mean Hit, except the bloody thing wacked him back. He'd taken a tumble at school, with or without the help of others, and it had scabbed over but the action shot above was the precursor to a big old bloody leg. 

I am OK in a crisis, usually. but I could see this hurt and he was sucking back the eye washing, so then I was a bit of a mess.

We mopped up most of the blood and then he went for a shower. Put paid to a long afternoon in the pool I'm afraid, BUGGER.

The Dettol and cotton wool is at hand now and I am ready to disinfect the area, when he gets back down. 

This wasn't the summer celebration either of us expected, but at least I am only delivering him home tomorrow dented and not broken, cos I reckon if I broke him I might get the sack.

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