Wednesday, 7 December 2016


So what do you give a wonderful boy at the end of his primary education? He's an outside the square sort of kid, so a paper weight shell to look at and listen to and store crystals in and make its way into the bottom of a carton to be re-discovered when he's maybe 30, yep that was an odd choice but it was mine. He seemed to like it. That's the last I will ever have to see that uniform Yippee!

Very proud Mummy moment. So much pride in fact that it kept leaking out her eyes. They have both worked hard to get through 7 years - no I am not gonna be a downer. Yippee!

This one's a bit fuzzy cos I had to crop it so to exclude the Power Point display of another kid's face - sadly it was the mug of his arch nemisis, so not even giggle-worthy. Very glad that I could easily remove it from view.

He sang up a storm in the choir and for me when I could see him singing the harmonies, open mouthed and smiling at the same time, well then pride leaked out my eyes too.

And then we were all outta there and off for celebratory ice creams and what nots.

We are all looking forward, cos backwards is not so joyful.

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