Saturday, 28 November 2015

The Mockingjay Part 2

We decided to escape the stinking heat yesterday and catch up with the last instalment in 'The Hunger Games'

Steve read the trilogy a good while back and he, unusually, really enjoyed the Sci-fi story.

It's not my cup of tea either - aliens and space ships and weird abilities and all that. I much prefer to loose myself in the possibility of fiction and I reckon all too often Sci-fi stuff is just a leap too far.

But I had seen the first 3 movies and have been looking forward to the release of this the last one.

I know that they - being the syndicate producing the collection, wanted to make as much money as possible and I hope they have done, but the carving up of the last book into 2 chunks was a bit of a money grab too far I reckon. It could have been condensed into one longish movie, although god only knows how the young couple across from us would have coped cos as it was they were checking their phones and both ran out twice presumably to pee or poop out all that pop corn. For god's sake even my old body can control itself for 2 and half hours. Maybe they were unwell. I reckon there should be special screenings for young techies like there is for parents with screaming babies and old pensioners with bad hearing.

However I should get back to the movie.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. I bit at my fingers and hid behind my hands and at one particular point I had a little scream - yeh out loud. The youngsters across are probably writing about some crazy old screaming bitch at the pictures.

Jennifer Lawrence was excellent and Donald Southerland continued to make a suave baddie. I reckon the Hemsworth fellas is over-rated, and I can't remember the name of the actor who played Peeta, but he was mostly convincing. Julianne Moore was wonderful and the editor cleverly cobbled in snippets of Phillip Seymour Hoffman and I was pleased to see him included one last time.

I think the big problem with chopping up the final story is that it really doesn't stand on it's own. I could certainly not recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen the first 3 and a refresher of 'em before you go, wouldn't go astray.

With my feminist hat firmly wedged at a jaunty angle I must confess to being pleased that the leads apart from the baddie were all women.

We went to Australia Fair Gold Lounge and even though it's getting a bit tired, it is such good value for money. $20 a ticket plus the booking fee which just gives me the shits. I had a quick look at the new pictures at Pac Fair this morning and they want $20.50 to sit in cattle class. I didn't venture into the Gold area there.

Really I reckon I am gonna be happy to sit in the faded velour with the occasional worn out springs, especially over the summer in this stinking heat.

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