Friday, 27 November 2015

Do you get around in the nudie-noo?

The blind is up and I hope the neighbours were not.

This morning at some shitful o'clock, with the heat already building, quite a lovely breeze blew in from the south. Such was it's welcome, that the blind went all a quiver and started banging about. I watched lazily as it flew up and let the light in and then dropped back down with a bit of a thud. Of course no sleep was possible with the noise.

So then here was my dilemma, I could get up and close all the louvers and keep the blind silent and suffocate from the heat, or I could wind up the blind and enjoy the breeze, all the while scaring the neighbours with boob and belly flashing - cos clothes are superfluous when sleeping, and really no-one needs to see all that early in the morning.

Well the clock said that it wasn't yet 5.30am so I took a chance and launched myself towards the chain pulley thing and tugged at the blind, figuring that if anyone was up and looking out their windows at that ungodly hour, then they would be either bleary eyed, or pleased to be shocked into action for the day.

The view from my bed is at it's best at the moment with the flowering Poinciana but my neighbours across the road, possibly were treated to a less than attractive view as I jumped around and later when I got up properly, I did try to keep my back to 'em as I dragged on some clothes, cos afterall, we all have a back so who cares about backs, right?

Not too shabby a view huh?

There doesn't seem to be a great deal of nudie-noo action here in the suburbs, but friends who live in a city high rise see more than enough to make up for it. People in the city seem to reckon they are invisible just cos they don't have a yard. So it's not uncommon to see flashes of skin and from time to time actual RUMPITY going on on the balconies, but these folk must surely be doing it for a thrill or a laugh or a dare. I reckon if I lived in a city high rise, I might just sit all day and night and watch the neighbours and make up their back-stories, but I would have to do it from some little hidden corner cos I wouldn't want anyone watching me after all.

So I am left wondering how much nudity is normal?

Is it ok to dash from the shower sans towel?

Is it ok to walk completely starkers all day anywhere on the property, cos after all your home is your castle?

Is flashing your bits in front of the kids OK or in front of the dog?

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